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Strategy and Policy Development

Strategy And Policy Development

A waste management strategy that considers data can set ambitious but realistic goals through detailed targets and measurable KPIs. This can work as the road map for a business or council and assist in long-term investment and planning around services, education and infrastructure.

When developing a strategy we review or collect the data relating to the type, volume and location of the waste generated. We engage with clients to establish broad goals and then look to identify gaps between the current situation and desired position. We seek to fill the gap with costed and scheduled targets that can be measured to track change.

We can develop holistic council or business waste management strategies that encompass all aspects or we can develop individual waste strategies for infrastructure, kerbside collection systems, litter and public bins, event management and diversion and avoidance education.

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  • Creating or reviewing Waste Management Strategies
  • Identifying waste minimisation and resource recovery opportunities
  • Education policy development and implementation
  • Event management strategies
  • Litter and public place strategies
  • Waste management infrastructure strategies
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