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Education and Consultation

Education And Consultation

Successful and accepted change will be achieved by providing the right information in a way that is suited to the audience and this can change behaviours and cultural norms.

Although possibly two completely separate topics, education and consultation can also be considered together. The knowledge to develop successful education messages, information, styles and delivery methods can be best sourced through consultation.

We include consultation in many aspects of our services such as studies, strategy development and event management. We design and analyse surveys and run staff, community and council workshops. We find that as a third party we are well placed to considerately describe controversial facts and provide expert options for improvements. We use our nation-wide experience as examples which provide information in an approachable way. Results from consultations can be used as a basis for education and as a way to communicate the collective opinions shared by a particular group or community.

Using the specific information gained through consultation and data gathering (bin inspections, audits, site assessments) we assist in developing educational strategies that adhere to national standards whilst considering local landscapes.

Justin Jones has designed and delivered training packages within the waste industry sector at a national level for many years. From operators to administration to management, all involved have gained an understanding of how to improve their business.

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  • Designing surveys
  • Providing consultation sessions for community, councillors or staff
  • Developing and delivering educational programs
  • Multi-faceted investigations looking into reasons behind behavioural attitudes
  • Site or company specific training
  • Education programs (awareness and minimisation) for staff and communities
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