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Case and Feasibility Studies

Case and Feasibility Studies

Community and business case studies can assist in establishing the right path and providing councillors, board members and the community with confidence when considering a new strategic direction or changes to the provision of waste services.

JustWaste conducts case studies to assess the suitability of your proposal in your community. We have extensive experience in researching scenarios for the provision of FOGO services and associated composting facilities. We also conduct studies such as tip shop locations, community perceptions and education gaps with regard to existing services.

For example:

– Introducing a FOGO service that includes many considerations such as collection frequency and cost, type and size of wheelie bins and kitchen caddies, liner options, education material and contamination management.

– How and where to develop a tip shop or resource recovery centre and logistics around sourcing, pricing and disposing of saleable material.

– The nature of the community’s gap in understanding of a service and how diversion rates of recycling/composting can be increased.

Contact us about:

  • Business case studies for FOGO
  • Evaluation of technology and sites for Organic Processing Facilities, landfills and transfer stations
  • Community perception/opinion of services
  • Increasing services at transfer stations or kerbside
  • Tip shop feasibility studies
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