About JustWASTE Consulting

JustWaste was created in 2004 by Director Justin Jones. The decision to start his own company came as a response to much frustration for the then stagnant nature of the waste industry. Now he thrives in being able to make full use of his extensive knowledge and connect operational landscape to strategic decisions.

He set out to create a company with a strong ethos for environmental compliance and proactive management that benefits the social, environmental and financial aspects of businesses and local government.

Justin was brought up within the waste industry when his grandfather launched Jones Waste Management to seek a solution for sourcing feed for his pigs. The Jones business grew rapidly into a waste management collection service. At the age of 15, Justin with his friend Randall started to work in kerbside collection and was driving the trucks as soon as it was legal. Striving for a whole business understanding and a desire for growth, Justin created a role for himself in the management team as a Sales Manager, later moving into communication and engagement with clients. Progressing laterally in the industry, he has spent ten years teaching and training within the industry as well as starting to advise policy in local governments and strategies within private companies.

With the creation of JustWaste in 2004, Justin branched out his contracts and applied his experience to decision makers. JustWaste maintained a strong focus on auditing, realising that this is the tool that generates the data and information that will in turn drive change and create improvements within the industry. Further, through continual learning and increasing the width of experience of his staff, the company branched out into strategy development, feasibility studies, development of approvals and licencing conditioning documents. The company also increased its operational focus through driving composting facilities to compliance and taking on transfer stations and landfill management.

JustWaste is now a growing business working in all areas of waste management.

Justin Jones

Justin Jones

Director and Senior Waste Consultant
Certificate IV Workplace Trainer & Assessment, Dipl Business Management, Dipl Occupational Health & Safety

With a high level of integrity and transparency, Justin’s optimism for projects drives the company. Although the Director, Justin frequently acts as a Senior Consultant holding consultation sessions, overseeing audits, conducting site assessments and ensuring the standard of project delivery and client communication.

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Justin Jones

Gwen Harper

Senior Waste and Environmental Consultant

With a background in project management, marketing communications and market research, Gwen is happiest when designing strategic waste-based projects that deliver real-world, measurable results. A real FOGO fan, Gwen’s most recent FOGO project won a local council state-wide recognition for environmental leadership in 2020.

A self-confessed data nerd, Gwen is also an advocate of evidence-based Environmental Psychology and Behavioural Science. This recognises that, in addition to logistical excellence through waste-stream analysis, genuine waste reduction also needs systemic behaviour change.

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Justin Jones

Lisa Jones

Administration and Human Resources Manager

Lisa manages the staff and accounts with precision and attentiveness.

Randall Dawkins

Lead Auditor and Consultant

Randall is a competent site operator and has extensive experience across the entire waste management sector.

This, combined with his people management skills, makes Randall a highly skilled, organised lead auditor whose quality output is the focus.

Justin Jones

Umut Sen

Lead Auditor and Educator

With experience in many aspects of auditing, assessing and education, Umut brings a passion to community education and learning.