Audits, Bin Inspections & Site Assessments

Site Operation and Management

Operation Of Transfer Stations And Landfills

We use our managed sites to showcase opportunities and possibilities to advise other transfer stations and landfills to achieve better diversion rates, maintain compliance and service the community.

JustWaste operates five rural transfer stations and two landfills in regional Tasmania. Our aim of cost-effective diversion strategies has been achieved in the landscape of low population density and distance to market. We focus on customer service and increasing recycling options while harnessing our assets of abundant space and engaged knowledgeable staff.

Meander Valley Council

Northern Midlands Council

Get the most out of your waste transfer station with the assistance of our brochure of accepted recycling categories here.

With our specialisation in regionality, we seek to use our sites as examples to showcase other regional areas how diversion can be increased and the benefits that it can bring to the community.

We evaluate sites for compliance and assist local councils and private operators in the strategic development of infrastructure.

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  • Development of short & long-term strategies for waste transfer stations
  • New site evaluations and environmental effects/impact reporting
  • Development Plans and Environmental Management Plans development and review
  • Load assessment and aggregated auditing for environmental compliance and identification of diversion opportunities
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