Audits, Bin Inspections & Site Assessments

Audits / Bin Inspections / Site Assessments

Audits / Bin Inspections / Site Assessments

Auditing waste and recycling streams should form the backbone of any strategic policy and community education. Data collected from audits quantifies and describes how much of what waste material goes where. This can then be used to allocate resources for greatest diversion and to track the impact of programs that have been implemented.

But taking it further, auditing provides us with the specific details of how diversion strategies and education programs should be designed in order to achieve optimum diversion in the most cost-effective and socially considerate way.

JustWaste has gathered extensive experience in audits and bin and site assessments Australia-wide for local government and private sector businesses.

JustWaste offers waste audits for kerbside collections, commercial enterprises, public places, special events, landfills and transfer stations. We have experience assessing general waste, recycling, organic waste and hazardous waste.

Site assessment adds depth to the data from an audit by looking at the positioning and use of services as well as available education material.

Bin inspection provides point-specific information in applications ranging from residential kerbside bins and bin positioning for event sites and businesses.

To provide a statistically sound analysis our methodology for data collection is rigorous and systematic. The aim of audits and assessment is to collect data and information that can feed into a discussion of how to progressively improve the use of services by targeted education and information. Furthermore, audits and assessment can identify special opportunities for diversion of material to additional services.

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  • Residential (waste, recycling, green, FOGO)
  • Contamination (waste, recycling, green, FOGO)
  • Events, festivals and markets
  • Transfer station waste characteristics
  • Hardwaste
  • Public place
  • Landfills
  • Commercial premises
  • Shopping centres
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